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News and Articles for Toronto
This weeks 5 Favourites - French

The best French restaurants in Toronto might deal in a relatively limited quantity of dishes, but they show off a wide variety of approaches to the country's much-loved cuisine. There was a time when it might have been possible merely to divide the city's French offerings into the categories of casual bistro and upscale dining room, but as the list below shows, there's a growing middle ground where some of the most exciting cooking is happening.
posted on 2013-06-03 13:30:16

This weeks 5 Favourites - Italian

The best Italian restaurants in Toronto are about more than hastily assembled pizzas and pastas. These are places where one gets an appreciation for what results when local chefs adhere to cooking techniques passed down through generations, often via that matriarchal and nostalgic figure that oversees the idealized Italian kitchen — the nonna.
posted on 2013-05-27 07:15:09

Introducing: Electric Mud BBQ, the raucous new barbecue joint from the owners of Grand Electric

Particleboard takes the place of the usual reclaimed wood here, with picnic tables, retro pin-up posters, cheesy shark heads and a giant stuffed ostrich rounding out the Parkdale kitsch vibe. Behind the bar is a record player on which Tooke and McGrenaghan spin loud rock music and outside, the patio is itching for nicer weather.
posted on 2013-03-06 15:45:45

This weeks 5 Favourites - Sushi

posted on 2013-03-03 16:02:17

Introducing: The Happy Hooker, a new fish sandwich and taco shop on Dundas West

The small shop is outfitted with old paintings and seafood kitsch, like a mounted bass and a fishing rod (the huge marlin from the logo is mounted out on the street). They’ll cater to the late-night Dundas West crowd, serving food until 2 a.m. on weekends.
posted on 2013-02-08 15:24:02

This weeks 5 Favourites - Steakhouses

posted on 2013-01-07 15:04:25

Barbecue joint Marky & Sparky’s Smokehouse is opening in Bloor West Village

Butcher by Nature is launching a new smokehouse where co-owner Frank DiGenova and pitman Marcus De Simone are going to turn the certified-organic, locally-raised meat from Frank and wife Mirella’s nearby butchery into barbecue.
posted on 2012-12-18 14:54:47

Que Supper Club

Barbecue restaurant Que Supper Club is opening soon on Queen East
posted on 2012-12-08 12:40:48

This weeks 5 Favourites - Pizza

If the hour-long lineups at Libretto are any indication, Toronto’s thin-crust lust has never been more fierce. Five slices for pizza lovers with artisanal appetites.
posted on 2012-11-19 10:36:03

Introducing: JaBistro, a foray into sushi from the owner of Guu

Fresh off the launch of Kinton Ramen in May, James HyunSoo Kim, who also brought Vancouver’s popular Guu chain to Toronto, has opened yet another new Japanese restaurant: JaBistro.
posted on 2012-11-12 10:30:02

This weeks 5 Favourites - Brunch

The best brunch in Toronto is the irrefutable remedy to all of those during-the-week woes.
posted on 2012-11-12 10:00:00

Attention downtown burger fiends: Five Guys is now open at Yonge and Dundas

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, the cult-favourite U.S. burger chain, has already set up shop in Scarborough and Don Mills, and has just opened up its first downtown location at 329 Yonge St.
posted on 2012-10-31 11:33:24

Patria, the new King West spot for traditional Spanish food from Charles Khabouth and Hanif Harji

Patria is the latest collaboration between Hanif Harji and Charles Khabouth, the pair who opened Weslodge this summer (Patria is located just down the alleyway). The concept: authentic Spanish food—a cuisine they point out is notably underrepresented in Toronto—with plenty of imported products and wine.
posted on 2012-10-24 14:46:11

Cafe Boulud arrives at The Four Seasons Toronto

Chef and international restaurateur Daniel Boulud's Café Boulud showcases the intersection of contemporary and classic French cuisine in this casual Toronto restaurant.
posted on 2012-10-17 14:14:27

Introducing: Red Fish, a new West Coast–inspired seafood restaurant on College

It may be named after a Seussian children’s novel, but Redfish restaurant is serious when it comes to seafood sustainability. “It’s good that there’s a lot of sustainable offerings right now in Toronto restaurants, but it’s translating to a lot of small plates of seafood,” says chef David Friedman
posted on 2012-10-03 13:53:24

La Carnita: Start an experiment that pairs street art with street food and see what happens.

Before the restaurant was a restaurant and the brand was the toast of city food fanatics, La Carnita was an occasional pop-up taco party that advertised only on Twitter and flouted city health and licensing rules by selling $10, limited-edition screen prints at its events and giving the tacos away for free.
posted on 2012-07-18 00:04:08

Acadia Restaurant & Bar invites you to indulge.

Acadia Restaurant & Bar invites you to indulge in a culture of creaky porches, lazy ceiling fans, southern food, inspired brews and craft cocktails. Enjoy dishes by Chef Matt Blondin, as he works the flavors and techniques of Acadian and Lowcountry cuisine utilizing hand selected, sustainable agriculture.
posted on 2012-06-12 23:51:41

Jamie Kennedy was a locavore before there was even a term for the eco-concious food philosophy.

Jamie Kennedy was a locavore before there was even a term for the eco-concious food philosophy. In a series of groundbreaking boites, among them Palmerston, JKROM, and JKWB, the chef pioneered the use of local ingredients.
posted on 2012-05-01 23:36:04

Ursa's audaciously avaunt-garde carte

It takes seven chefs, two of them doing a stage, and six people on the floor to pull off co-owner/chef Jacob Sharkey-Pierce's audaciously avaunt-garde carte.
posted on 2012-04-04 20:09:24

Bestellen, by Rob Rossi opens on College Street

Top Chef Canada contestant Rob Rossi officially opened his first restaurant on March 2.
posted on 2012-03-12 17:47:19

Victor Restaurant reopens at Hôtel Le Germain

With a remodeled space and re-imagined menu, Hôtel Le Germain is touting Victor Restaurant as a comfy restaurant and lounge where both hotel guests and nearby condo dwellers can pop in for a drink, snack or full meal.
posted on 2012-01-19 16:09:24

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